Saturday, May 3, 2014

Great Pyrenees - Needs a Foster Home

This is Jill. She is a 4 year old Great Pyrenees and the mother of Bradford ad Randall, our two puppies. Jill needs a foster home in the Nashville area, but it has to be the right one.
Jill is a beautiful, sweet girl who would not harm a flea. She is, however, terrified and has no idea what to do around people. Jill was left to have puppies alone and was rescued by some nice people, but she is petrified.
Jill spent her photo session with me shaking. She likes being petted, but change scares her. She is fine with other dogs, and in fact, needs another dog to show her the ropes. She is also fine with cats.
What Jill needs is a Nashville area foster. She is heartworm positive and will have to go through treatment and that will take 6 weeks or so. She is quiet and looking for no trouble and she needs a quiet home. A securely fenced yard with her is an absolute must and chain link does not qualify.
This dog has been through the ringer and she deserves a foster home to relax in. If you can help foster her, please email Any foster home needs to be within driving distance of Nashville as she has vet appointments in her future. Thanks and please spread the word.

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