Monday, January 11, 2010

if you can help these two cats

Ela Acosta at or Sabrina Keeler at if you can help these two cats and take them into your rescue or adoption program or if you are interested in adopting them. They are currently living in a vacant home and the relatives are getting desperate to get them moved.

Sadly, one of the teachers at The Village School lost her battle with cancer over the holidays. She left 2 male cats that need to be adopted. They are in door cats; both have been neutered but not de-clawed. They are brothers and been inside and are in great health. Prefer not to separate, brothers – 8 years old. Please send out and, hopefully, we can find these baby boys a new home this week. If there is any interest, the contact persons are Ela and Sabrina with The Village School and their information is shown below.

Ela Acosta Sabrina Keeler
The Village School
13077 Westella
Houston, TX 77077

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Siamese declawed cat - Owner moved and abandoned

Brenda took this cat in last night. The "human" the cat lived with abandoned the kitty and moved. Please contact Brenda by email or on her cell 832-221-7117. Pictures to follow, but this is a blue-eyed Siamese-looking cat with some stripes.
Brenda lives on NASA Road One and works in the Med Center. She needs to place this kitty!