Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Found Kitten

My daughter brought home this little kitten last night. She found it in one of the spec homes being built in our subdivision. This is not a feral kitty. This is a kitty who is cute, sweet, purrs, and wants to be held and messed with all the time. She appears to be about six to eight weeks old.

Daphne & Matilda

We have recently taken an international assignment and our family will be moving to Baku, Azerbaijan at the end of January. As much as it pains us to make this decision, our travels to the city and the region have made it clear that it would not be a happy life for our two dogs, Daphne and Matilda.

We need to find a loving home (or homes) for our two wonderful dogs as soon as possible. Daphne and Matilda are both about 8 years old and both weigh about 65 pounds. They are completely house-trained and are used to being inside dogs. They are very calm and loving with our 2-1/2 year old girls (and have been since the girls were infants). Matilda is a purebred Weimaraner, and Daphne is a mixed breed (possibly a yellow lab with a smaller spaniel-type dog). They would love to stay together, but, more than anything, they love people and just need a good, loving home, either together or individually.

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Bella & Jake

Recently, four members of my family died. They left behind two older boxers. I am desperately trying to find a home for them. They are currently in the care of the Southwest Animal Clinic, but I cannot afford to keep them there. I live in New York City, and can't bring them here. We have called all the local boxer rescue organizations and they are all full.I am flying down to Houston tomorrow (12/29) to pack up my family's home, and try to find a home for these dogs (Jake and Bella). I do not want them to be killed, but I am finding few options.

email or phone. H 212-567-0710 C 917-282-7536 Jennifer Hoult